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Mercy Meadows Ranch

1/8 Beef deposit (small bundle)

1/8 Beef deposit (small bundle)

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The perfect small bundle!


                                          Beef fulfillment April-May 2024

Hello, single beef lover, or maybe just a fun couple who love amazing beef! This is our "Small Bundle" . This is so perfect for a family of 2-3 or if you just have a small freezer and there isn't that much room for a ton of beef this would be the exact bundle for you!

  • Easy freezer storage-
  • Small amounts of fantastic beef-
  • All the flavor less storage- 
  • Last a couple for 6 month-
  • Easy food prep for a busy couple-
  • Less shopping trip when your order in Bulk-

This bundle contains- 

  • Steaks - including Ribeye Steaks, New York Strip, Tenderloin, Top Sirloin, Delmonico, 
  • Ground Beef - 
  • Other Cuts - including roasts, short ribs, brisket, liver, marrow bones, stew and fajita.

To claim today, you will be putting down half of the entire price.

PRICE/LB: $14.50/lbs. With FREE SHIPPING

WEIGHT: 35-45lbs

DEPOSIT: Only $253 Due Today:

TOTAL: $507-$652

DUE @ FULFILLMENT: $253-$326

Put a deposit down today to claim this fantastic Texas Grass-Fed Beef. Paid in full right before shipment. 

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Ordering: Easy as 1-2-3-4

Step 1: Place about a 50% deposit on your choice of an Eighth, Quarter, Half or Whole Beef.


Step 2: Get it SHIPPED FOR FREE! We will notify you and keep you updated every step of the way!


Step 3: We will continue to raise your beef for you on the plains of Central Texas and we will keep you involved every step of the way by giving you updates.


Step 4: Our craft butchers dry-age your beef for 14-21 days which makes for amazing flavor and tenderness. Once packed, and frozen, you will receive an invoice for the balance due and receive a delivery schedule.

Absolutely 100% for no reason at all.
Free shipping always.
Grassfed beef has fewer calories, helps support healthy blood sugar levels, contains electrolytes, helps fight cancer, contains more healthy fat, decreases your risk of heart disease
PRICE/LB. With FREE SHIPPING WEIGHT: weight will vary depending on exact weight of cow. DEPOSIT: Only $ (almost exactly half of total price, total will vary by $100) Due Today: TOTAL: $total Varies by around $100. DUE @ FULFILLMENT: (is about half of the entire price since you paid the deposit fee, total price will vary by $100) This deposit is essential for us to get to work raising your beef. It helps cover the labor, time, and upfront costs necessary to raise beef the right way. Because of this investment, the *deposit is non-refundable* Thank you for making this system possible! Your final amount due will be calculated and invoiced to you right before your beef ships out.

Our Rancher Promise!

GUARANTEED: All Beef is Backed by Our "Rancher's Word 100% Satisfaction or Your Moneyback Guarantee" no questions asked!.

  • Jesse Dickenson

    If y’all looking for the best source of quality grass-fed meat then you don’t need to look any further!
    You can’t go wrong with their ground beef (my favorite) or any of their cuts.

  • Sabrina Ruckel

    My first time to use farm fresh meat, and I am amazed at how obviously and vastly superior this ground beef is to the HEB brand we normally use. It crumbled apart effortlessly as it browned, and we didn't even need to strain out the grease - so lean! And so yummy! And such peace of mind knowing I'm serving healthy food to the people I love and whose well being I'm responsible for. BIG thanks to Mercy Meadows and the cutest, sweetest cowgirl around!

  • Samantha Pedroza

    Mercy Meadows Ranch ground beef is amazing! We were so surprised of how much of a difference we noticed in taste and quality from other grass fed beef we’ve had! Will definitely be buying our meat from them from now on! We strongly trust and highly recommend their meat and dairy products!


Free shipping! we believe in getting your beef to your door on time completely frozen! And all this for no extra charge.


Yep that is Right two all new Mercy Meadow favorite recipes along with a shopping list, Just for you....And all with free shipping