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Mercy Meadows Ranch

Wagyu 1/4 Beef deposit

Wagyu 1/4 Beef deposit

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The perfect feed-the-family bundle!

  Beef fulfillment: 3 weeks 

Brownsboro Ranch beef today!

This bundle is exactly what it says!! Feed your medium-sized family with this fantastic bundle! Whether your family is enthusiastic about burger night (because the toddlers love it) Or your teen kids love the summer spread of steaks with all the fix' ins. 

  • Less stress on mom- 
  • Less shopping trips when you order in bulk-
  • More family dinners together- 
  • Better choices of beef- 
  • free shipping right to your door-

This bundle contains 

  • Steaks:
  • Boneless Ribeye, Cut Filets, Chuck Eye, Sirloin, Chuck Short Ribs, Denver, Hanger, Skirt, Flank
  • Roasts:
  • Arm, Rump,
  • Additional Cuts:
  • Brisket, Tri-Tip, Flat iron, Osso Bucco, Short Ribs, Picanha/Coulotte, Tenerlion Tips. 

PRICE/LB: $19.00/lbs. With FREE SHIPPING

WEIGHT: 120lbs

TOTAL: $2,280

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Free Bonus (Dog treats)

Every beef box comes with......A favorite and much coveted treat for mans best friend!

That is right we will include in every beef bundle your very own curated dried liver dog treats.

So go place your order and get ready to feed the family and treat your dog to something extra special.

Free Shipping!

That is right with every beef order you place we will ship it to you for free no matter where you live.

So get ready for some beefy goodness to show up at your door!

Free bones and organs!

After you place your order.....

We will email you with an option to include free bones and organs in your beef box.

So, look out to hear from our shipping team.