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Putting Your Family First

We help families eat healthier and enjoy our grass-fed/grain finished beef by providing a far better alternative to mass marketed store-based beef products.

We live right on the ranch where we raise beef cows. 

Our cows have a beautiful and peaceful environment, and we see, touch and feed them every day. 

Find out why running a cattle ranch is changing families lives across the nation by clicking the link below!

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  • What are The health Benefits of Grass-Fed/Grain-finished Beef


    Raised on a family ranch


    Grass-fed Beef Builds Healthy Soil

    Grass-fed Beef Is More Nutritious

    Grass-fed Beef Tastes Better

    Grass-fed Beef Has Fewer Calories

    Grass-fed Beef Contains Electrolytes

    Grass-fed Beef Contains More Healthy Fats

  • Why Choose Mercy Meadows?

    Mercy Meadows Ranch Ground Beef is SUPERIOR and here’s why…

    Genuine grass-fed beef for superior quality, flavor and tenderness.

    Grass-fed Beef, Finished on grain. Guaranteed.

    Flash frozen to lock in freshness.

    Vacuum-wrapped to block freezer burn and protect flavor longer.

    USDA Inspected for quality

    Free Shipping direct to your door

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