Our Ranch Mission



Mercy Meadows Ranch 

We help families eat healthier and enjoy our grass-fed/grain finished beef by providing a far better alternative to mass marketed store-based beef products. We live right on the ranch where we raise beef cows.  Our cows have a beautiful and peaceful environment, and we see, touch and feed them every day. 

Do you get an uneasy feeling when you go to the local grocery store and pick through the beef products just hoping that you are buying a food product that will be nutritious for your family?  You can stop worrying.  Come along with us on our grass-fed/ grain finished beef journey at Mercy Meadows Ranch.  You can rest assured that your purchase of our grass-fed/grain finished beef will be a quality experience.  Connecting and ordering from us assures you that you will be avoiding the many unknowns that come with purchasing beef products from the grocery store.  We know you are approaching your purchase at the large chain stores without knowing where it came from and how it was raised, cared for and prepared for market.  At Mercy Meadows, we are a family-based operation and interact with our cows on a daily basis.  No “feedlot” nonsense here.

We know the uncertainty of the food supply chain systems in today's rapidly changing economy. Much of the beef at your local grocer is coming from large corporate agriculture who manage “feedlots" for mass marketing. When you purchase from Mercy Meadows Ranch, you will avoid the many unknowns of "big agriculture".

We started out very small at Mercy Meadows Ranch, desiring to raise and consume our own beef products and supply some periodically to our friends and some local health minded families. Over the years our herd has grown substantially…. And now we want to share the benefits and also give you the opportunity to have better, healthier beef. Now you have the choice to not be dependent on the stores for the food you feed your family.

Our journey has taken us from Tennessee to Texas where we found a great place to continue our growth and provide healthy solutions to families beyond our local sphere.  We’re proud to serve you with products shipped from our ranch right to your door. This supports our vision of family independence while helping your family have a quality beef experience.  We love hearing from our customers about how they enjoy our beef.  The latest scares and worries about food shortages have increased our commitment to provide a family-to-family experience that you can’t find when dealing with massive conglomerates that are behind most of the beef production in our country at this time.


We really enjoy connecting with folks who think differently and who know that the world is changing. These are folks who want a relationship with actual Ranchers you can know and trust.  It seems like the last few years are showing all of us that the rules have changed. It is time for unconventional thinking with regard to how today’s families will function in the years ahead.  It is wonderful that in our world full of technology and social media that small producers have a way to meet people at a very personal level with products and services that may have only existed in closed communities in small pockets across our nation.  Now you can join our community and enjoy some of the most delicious grass-fed beef that your money can buy.

Here is our program:

We set up a Pre-Sale Program for you to make an order in combination with other like-minded families so that the Mercy Meadows team can coordinate our beef processing dates to deliver the products you order in an efficient and timely manner.  You only pay an upfront fee to secure your spot in the pre-order group.  Final payment is made to Mercy Meadows when the beef is shipped out to you.  The pre-sale ensures that you will receive a better product, that you will know your costs ahead of paying the final out for your order. The amounts you spend with us can be better planned into the family budget and allows you to spread out the cash flow to complete the payment of your order.


Since many families today cannot effectively purchase and store a large sized order of beef products, our Pre-Sale Program supports the realities of tighter budgets and less storage space for larger beef purchases.  We do the work of gathering other families to join the Pre-Sale such that all families get to have grass fed/grain finished beef throughout the year and replace each other as it is consumed with beef delivered from the next Pre-Sale event.


Our process is as easy as 1-2-3- 4:

The first thing to do is click on our Pre-Sale link on our website and take a look at what you can buy in the next few months.  

Next, you will select a Pre-Sale event on our timeline and select what you want to buy and send us your Pre-Sale deposit. 

Next, you will get a shipping date notice from us as your order is ready for shipment.  

And finally, you will receive your beef and can begin to enjoy our grass-fed/ grain finished beef experience and let us know how you like it.

That’s it!  You immediately become part of our grass-fed beef consumer community and will receive updates on the upcoming Pre-Sales events and Specials as the year goes by.