How is our customer service?

Do you want to know how we are different than your average large comapany.....

If you have got a problem with ....
Butcher Box, and or the grocery store.

We all know what will happen we talk to the, "Tech Support".....

Like this guy!

Hey, he is not a bad person! 

He really is there to help you.

Except his authority or understanding of how things work is very limited. 

But when you work with us! 

We are not only the rancher who raises your beef but also the ranch that answers all your questions and helps you work through any technical issues that may occur.

No waiting on the line and no "wrong department" 

Seriously we answer in the field while working on the ranch! 

So, feel free at any time to reach out with any questions we are your ranchers, and we are here to serve you!

Have a great day. 

Manager at Mercy Meadow Ranch

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