How to cook tri-tip steak

What is a Tri-tip?

Great question...

Tri-tip is a specific cut of beef, well-known for its rich flavor. This cut gets its name from its triangular shape and tapered tip that comes from the bottom of a cut of sirloin. Tri-tip is what you would call the best of both worlds between a steak and a brisket. It has all the flavor of brisket and cooks like a tender piece of steak.  Wow, yep that is perfect, I know!!! How did you never know about this???

So, what part of the cow does a sirloin come from, let's take a look at the below picture!


Above is what it looks like when it is cooked... 

Below is when it is still in it's raw state! And how it will look when you receive your Mercy Meadows beef bundle!

What do you do with Tri-tip?

Okay, so we all know steak is just a normal griller item but cooking a tri-tip steak is. You can cook smoke, barbecue, grill, or roast tri-tip cuts, I know talked about the perfect combinations.  The specifics for cooking tri-tip will depend on whichever method you choose; however, aim for around 45 minutes when cooking or smoking this cut. (Good to know when planning for dinner)

When preparing it in the oven or on the grill, cook it t a temperature of about 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

No matter which cooking method you choose, you should always use a meat thermometer so that you know it’s ready to come off the heat. Aim for an internal temperature of 125-135 degrees Fahrenheit. (Remember our chart from yesterday, it will come in handy when cooking this up)


How to cook tri-tip like a pro:

Each person that cooks tri-tip will have different ideas of how it should be done, but the overall winner, and well if you want to eat like a pro is to cook it to medium-rare and let it rest. (I like the sounds of that)

Always let the meat rest after the cooking process. This lets the juices and flavors absorb back into the meat, whereas cutting into it directly after cooking will release this flavor.

How you cut into this meat also matters, I know that sounds scary but I am going to explain. Look for where the two grains along the surface of the meat intersect—this is where you should slice the cut in half. Then, continue to cut against the grain for tender slices of meat.

Okay pro, tri-tip beef cooker!  You are far more knowledgeable about how to cook it properly than any of your friends, shock them all when your Mercy Meadows beef bundle comes in. Choose your favorite cooking method and use these tips to create a delicious and tender cut of steak. 

 The Skydiving hype:

Are you still a bit nervous about trying this yourself... Believe me, this is not even close to something as scary as skydiving! lol

Well don't be, nothing in the world is more helpful than when you can see someone actually doing it!!

So, because I am your rancher and I want you to be a pro! I included a video to give you the confidence you need. 

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