Why eat beef??

Beef is your best choice.

Hello Mercy Meadows Clan, this is Michelle writing you today!! 

I have a story I would like to share with you, so grab a coffee and let's chat.......

It started for me 3 years ago and I am once again committing to staying on this track.

The more veggies I ate the worse I felt which led to an eager study on oxalates.

And then I found "Nutrition with Judy" Judy Cho's YouTube channel and also read her book "Carnivore Cure".

I have tried adjusting my diet to be more American and have once again found it doesn't work for me normally. 

So why Beef?

Beef is more nutrient-dense near-perfect fat-to-protein then chicken or pork. 
It has a near-perfect fat-to-protein ratio.

The Ribeye has nearly all the essential minerals and vitamins a body needs. It contains omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, and choline. 

It contains creatine and carnosine not available in plant-based foods. Creatine helps regulate the brain and muscles.

Most of us can't live on Ribeye, but we can eat beef. 

Beef is only deficient in 3 minerals:

Biotin, Chromium, and Molybdenum.

1. Biotin is found in egg yolks, liver, salmon, and dairy.

2. Chromium in egg yolks, fish, and liver. 

3. Molybdenum is found in egg yolks and liver, so don't give up on eggs. 

Vitamin B12, Carnosine, Creatine, Vit D3, DHA (essential fatty acid), Heme Iron, and Taurine are vitamins missing in a plant-based diet.

Here it is once again why you need beef!

But lean meat is not all it is cracked up to be. Our brain is about 60% fat. So, it is very important. 

We need fats for energy, brain function, and organs. God has created our bodies to use fat.

How do we use fats in our bodies?

Good question. The mitochondria are what change what we eat into energy. 

The best source of that is fat. All cells are made of fatty acids, so the health of our bodies is directly correlated with our fat source. 

Most of the American diet for energy is glucose (sugar, not just cane sugar, carbohydrates turn into sugar and boy are there a lot of sources for carbohydrates) which the mitochondria cannot as efficiently convert to energy.

Our bodies cannot function properly on a diet of processed, nutrient-poor foods. nutrient-poor

So, think beef. 

Not just any fat is good for you, but saturated fats are found in beef, whole milk, animal fats, and coconut oil. 

All to say fat is important ("The Big Fat Suprise" by Nina Teicholz and "Good Fat is Good for Women", by Elizabeth Bright) there is a lot out there on fat and how it helps regulate our bodies.

Beef is the Proud winner in this story!

Beef is the best source for an elimination diet for those struggling with autoimmune issues as it cannot pass through the gut wall and will cause the body to be able to heal. 

So, it is extremely important if you are struggling with meat's importance. Make eating well a priority. 

Shop for the best sources that feed their animals well, raise them humanely, and are sourced here in America.

We need to support one another and become a society of sustainability. 

So, Beef is so important!!

We hope you chose mercy Meadows Ranch to help your family onto a healthier lifestyle for years to come. 

Talk soon,
Michelle for Mercy Meadows Ranch

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