Do-Able payments!

Let's Start with do-able payment processing.................
We are here to give you a way to make your beef purchases with 2-payment transactions. no need to drain your account all at once to get in on the Pre-Order
Feeding your family is your number one concern and we understand your concerns. 
Here is how it works with Mercy Meadows Ranch Pre-Ordering:

1.  Whether you are buying a 1/2,1/4 or 1/8th, you will only pay half down as soon as Launch Day starts (January 15th)

2.   Next you will receive a delivery schedule and be able to confirm that you will be home to receive it via shipping.

3.  You will receive an invoice for the second payment after receiving your beef.
Remember from our website that the down payments are:

1/2 beef = $1433.00
1/4 beef = $716.00
1/8 beef = $ 339.00
It is simple and easy for you and your family to receive grass-fed-grain finished beef for your family's needs every year. 
The reason we make it simple and easy is that that is "how we like to roll"!
Fulfillment of your awesome Texas beef will take place from May-June, just in time for all the fantastic summer Holidays. And you will have a freezer stocked with awesome Meats to grill up for the whole family!!