Family Relationship Playbook

Family Relationship Playbook


 Created by the Mercy Meadows Team, 2023








Well-oiled machine....

Getting to a point in raising a highly functioning family with solid and long-lasting relationships starts way back in creating a strong foundation where a productive family can only thrive!


"Routine Schedule for everyone"

Yes, you're the mom, and you have got to be on track 24/7, but so should everyone else.

When your kids are young, this will help them, in the future, to be able to process big things by breaking them down into small increments.


If you are a teenager, this helps everyone get what they want out of their day or week. And finding the best way for the family to schedule downtime for a family evening, a weekend, or maybe just one day a month.



Massive family calendar

to create family time into every week, get it now to help this month be more productive!
Family calendar click to access...




Removing Mommy Stress

Life gets messy when that little 2-year-old falls and her knee is bleeding; the crying, the theatrics of a 2-year-old, we all know that story.

But this can feel like your whole life, just one event after another. But this is all of life, one urgent need after another. That is where our focus and grounding come in. Without a foundation of what is essential, the tyranny of the urgent will reign.
Food is vital not just for physical growth but for mental growth also. I have been researching why there are so many health issues today. Our food sources are questionable, the food pyramid is insane, and natural food is now the enemy (who would think).
Did you know what you are feeding your kids does impact their grades in school?

Yes, their protein level is crucial in developing their brain mass. This is huge….
"Kids' brains need protein to function properly. A healthy diet, including high-quality protein sources, will allow your child's brain to grow and develop. Learning occurs in the brain, but the brain also tells your body what to do, such as moving a muscle, breathing, and telling your heart to beat. All of these actions require protein."

I have found that meat is still the best source of protein, minerals, and vitamins. So don't grow weary; you are on the right track, keep feeding your family the best food you can afford; it is worth it in the long run.

That said, let's get a plan to ensure we get all the nutrients needed for raising healthy, strong kids.

"Just because a Mom is a completely Overwhelmed doesn't mean she's not completely Grateful" -@thewildwest3

"Motherhood is an adventure. My children are messy, needy, exhausting, germ-infested little carrier monkeys on their good days. They are the best part of my life" -Unknown.

Grab the 7-day perfect meal plan!

Meal plan: designed for busy Moms with lives that want to be purposeful and be involved in what they put on the table for dinner every night!

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We all know the budgeting system and the stress we all get from that.

The feeling of getting to the checkout and the sweet cashier girl saying…. "That will be $378.97" Hmm, you better buy it now….

But life, dear mamma, doesn't have to be this way. Here are the best hacks on saving money you can use today!

1. groceries online: (I know, like, seriously, this is super silly what happened to walking around a store and finishing what you want, but no, trust me, this will combat the challenge of "I have to buy it now" You can see the total before you press "buy" then if it is way over budget….. Revise that cart!

2. Shop For Discounted Items
Mamma Del's habit kept our big family of 11 going strong.
Habits and habit stacking are super crucial when it comes to discounted items. Remember, whenever you go to the store, just wiz down to the clearance aisle and see if what you need might be there.

3. Check your pantry, fridge, and freezer
Yes, this is huge when it comes to saving money….
When we use what we already have, in the day and age we live in, it is so common to get what we want when we want it. But looking to see what you already have is so important. Our freezers stores so much, but it can be hard to remember what we have in there.
Before you run to the grocery store, go into that big cold freezer and see what you have in there that you want to use this week.

4."Stop buying pre-done items of the same thing."
Skip all the individualized boxes of things….
Yep, like mini yogurt cups (get a cheaper big tub and spoon it out)
Don't buy pre-sliced cheese (buy a block and cut it down)
Don't buy premade fruit trays (buy whole fruit and cut it at home)

Yes, dear Mom, bulk is sometimes the cheaper route, but sometimes it's deceptive, soooo…. Be sure you are not getting cheated thinking you're saving money when you aren't!

Now that we have all our budgeting ideas, let's plan meal for different diets!

7-day meal plans for your diet! Check out these unique collaborations below….





One day at a time: Sticking to something is not looking at the vast long-term goal of "not eating something you love." Think of today and what you are trying to accomplish right now.

Repetition is key: Remind yourself why you are doing it and the benefits you will get when you eat this way.

Stick together: A team is what you need, a group of people sticking to a diet plan that you are doing as well. If you have a large family, consider everyone going on a diet simultaneously.

Make the Special Moments: Make a specific recipe or food unique to your diet. If it is something you like to eat, don't eat it all the time; space it out. Pick one food in your diet and make that your "special food."


Learn to find ways to build relationships through making memories ….

Littles, Summer Fun…
Yep, some of you still have little people, but let's be honest, it can be hard to find fun things you also love doing. These times let me remind you, will shape your children's memory forever, and what they learn now about being in a family will shape how they view life forever.

Here are some fun, inexpensive fun summer things to do!
Let's play…. Mini Gulf. I am serious, this is the best for little kids, plus you can have some competitive fun.
Magic Slip and Slide, yeah, this one is easy; all you will need is….
(A hill in your yard, 10mil plastic from a hardware store, and a hose, preferably with water, lol)
Summer Treasure Hunt for the Kids

Finding fun things for everyone can be challenging, but we have covered you!
Do you have teenagers?

Well, find out our perfect secrets!
Let's go to the river. Water is fantastic, so whether you are the sit-in-the-water or the picnic type, or you want to go kayaking, do it; This is the best!
Escape or not: One way to work together would be an excellent experience at an escape room. Please don't knock it before you try it! You might be surprised.



One way to create a highly functioning family that makes time for each other is to develop a framework of setting apart time to make this happen.

Create things that happen consistently.
• Like every Friday night is pizza and movie night-
• Once a month river night-
• Every Sunday afternoon Hike-
• Card games on Tuesday night-
Fill in the blank for what you feel is essential that you do as a family together. Take the time and write it down.

Making this a consistent happening will allow everyone in the family to adjust their schedule ahead of time. Being purposeful in spending time together is one of the critical elements, so remember this.

But creating habits and consistency is also suitable for everyone's health; it is proven that those with a schedule get sick less.

Print this calendar and get your monthly family schedule in place!


Food can unite people from all walks of life and cultures. When we sit together and eat, we promote better understanding and harmony. Food brings love, peace, and compassion to the table.
— Chef Wan
If there is one thing I can encourage every family that reads this is…. Communication!
Most of this generation lacks communication, especially with adults; why do we all ask? We all have seen the 10-year-old at a restaurant on an I-pad, we have all seen people who put their kids in front of the TV constantly, and we have all heard, "Well, it's just easier; look how quiet they are."
Yes, using technology to entertain our children is more accessible, but it also comes with challenges.

But how do we start this habit without making it a huge deal?
How do we not make it awkward or just unrealistic?
Well, let me explain, it all starts with family mealtime; the forgotten art of family meals together is something we will expound on right now!

#1 Communication starts for children when they are young. It takes time to develop, and we must teach children how to communicate with people through little things far in the world.
So, the easiest way to set up our little ones for success is to have them ask their dad when he gets home from work, "How was his day?" or something along these lines. Give them a heads up and tell them how important it is to take time for others and how much it would mean to their dad if they took an interest.

#2 Always keep things positive: Have you had a particular food you never liked as a child? If so…. It is probably associated with some kind of awful experience, and so it is with dinnertime and eating together. Never make it a time when you talk about controversial things or anything that will bring in a negative effect. Let's keep it positive and focused on how everyone's day went and everything that happened that day. Let's keep it on the up and up!

#3 Never forget to Listen: Yes, the opposite of what we think, but our children need to watch and see how adults interact. Good communication comes only by watching and listening. By doing this, our children will understand how people communicate and how a normal conversation is supposed to go down.

#4 Create a Subject: If no one can think of what to say about their day. Another great idea is to talk about a specific subject, like….
What does the rest of the week look like for everyone?
The most challenging thing they will be doing this week.
What is everyone most excited about?

Fill in the blank and think of a way to include everyone!


"Making Time for Gratitude"

Sometimes most of us rally around irritations, but this is never healthy for anyone's brain, and we all know this to be true.

But gratitude is one sure way to dispel fears, worries, and doubts. If you can find ways to teach your children how to find the positive and the good things in the middle of the bad…. You will have done well!

So, let's create a gratitude wall!

Creating a gratitude wall can be done in an office; this could be right in your kitchen, whatever works best for you!

Go to your office store, find five different color sticky notes, then pick up some good markers.

Every Saturday evening, everyone gets to pick their sticky note color and write about one thing they were grateful for that week. Small or big, they all matter, and everyone, young or old, can participate.

Then place the sticky note on the wall as a reminder of everything the whole family is grateful for.



Every family is made up of real people with real hopes, dreams, and fears.

Life is that constantly moving target we aim for, which is good. But we can often get lost in this and need to remember that we have kids and a husband or wife depending on what angle we are looking at this.

Our children and our Spouse genuinely need us, and if we are looking past them or not seeing where their dreams, joys, and fears lie.

Take time for others and prioritize them in our daily life and schedule.

Spending time with each of our kids is so vital, and here are five ways you can find ways to connect and create a long-lasting relationship.

1. Finding what is important to them: Every child has something that means more to them!

Sometimes it is just spending quality time, helping them with a project, or having fun adventures together. But find what is important to them and what they value most.

Create Commonality: We all have things in common with our kids, so we must find what that is and create a connecting point.

Memory Maker: Nothing in the world like doing things together a creating memories. And I am not just talking about making happy, always fun memories; it is often those hard things in life that create a long-lasting memory that we can all laugh at after that crazy experience.

History: Bring your kids into your past; this can sometimes feel odd and difficult. But it is all worth it and will help your kids know where they came from and let them understand what their parents went through in their lives. T

Don't Stop: With everything in life, when it gets tricky, and we are often quiet, it's human nature to accept it but overcome it. With your kids, it can often be hard to reach them but come at it from a new angle each time if you are having trouble connecting. And always remember to tell them you love them.