What bundle fits you?

Family - size - bundle 

Well, we are about to have a good time banjo pluckin', beef bundle pickn' fun time today!!!!

Are you ready to get a beef professionals opinion on what bundle size fits your family's consumption? 

Well, this is the moment of truth where you are gonna find out what bundle fits your family's needs precisely. 

For starters......

If you are a family of 1-2 you would probably find the 1/8th beef bundle (45lbs.) to fit y'all the best. 

This bundle will give yall enough beef to last around 2 months or more if you eat beef most days of every week. 

If you are a family of 3-4 the 1/4 th beef bundle (85 lbs.) is a fabulous size, not too large or too small. 

But like the 1/8th bundle, this will also last you 2 months. 

If you're a family of 5-6, the 1/2 (180 lbs.) bundle would be a fantastic size, and it would as well last you 2 months. 

But the whole cow bundle (400 lbs.) is a good choice for anyone. 

Because it will keep you stocked for forever. 

But you are definitely needed if you are a family of 7-8 and above. 

Having the whole cow gives you plenty of each of the cuts on the cow and can feed an entire family. 


Now for the Ground beef bundles.....

The medium ground beef bundle would work well for a family of 2-4 people. It is 20 lbs. it also fits super well in a small freezer. 

Our large ground beef bundle is a great size for anywhere from 4-8 people
(40 lbs.) it might not last as long just depending on how much ground beef you all eat in a year. 

Well, I bet you now know what bundle is the exact one you will need!

This is so exciting!!!!

If you have any questions about this subject, please, email me any time, and we can talk about all of this more.