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Ground Beef Bundles

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Frequently Asked Questions

What cuts Does a bundle contain?

Steaks - including Ribeye Steaks, New York Strip, Tenderloin, Top Sirloin, Delmonico, and Flat Iron Ground Beef - individually vacuumed sealed, 1lb portions Other Cuts - including roasts, short ribs, brisket, liver, marrow bones, stew and fajita.

How much freezer space do I need?

1/2 beef bundle= 8-12cubic ft. 1/4 beef bundle = 5-6 cubic ft. 1/8 beef bundle = 3-4 cubic ft.

How does payment work?

Place about a 50% deposit on your choice of an Eighth (50 - 60 lbs., Quarter (100 - 120 lbs.), Half (200 - 240 lbs.) or a Whole Beef (400-480 lbs.). You will receive an invoice for the balance 60 days later.

How will my beef be cut?

We go straight to the professionals when comes to getting your beef with the best cuts on every part of your bundle. So, no worries we have got you covered. No need for you to stress or even have to research the best way to get your beef butchered. And know how to get the bet cuts

Benefits of buying our beef?

You will receive a real relationship with a Texas Ranching family. You will be able to know what you beef know is consuming and when just by asking. The nutritional value of grass-fed-grain finished beef without hormones or antibiotics. And you will receive our beef right at your door. no hassle of trying to pick it up or standing in a freezing COLD grocery store.

Comparison of our Mercy Meadows BEEF to the grocery store?

My answer may surprise you. Grass-fed/ grain finished products may actually NOT be right for you and your family. It definitely isn’t a cheaper alternative. In fact, it costs more than your average neighborhood grocer, but... ✓ If your family’s health and wellness is a priority… ✓ If you want a relationship with your Rancher… ✓ And if you want to be able to trust the source of your food and how it was raised... Then our beef IS right for you!